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Boating Safety- Why Boating and Drinking Should Not Mix

Posted by Steven on 5/21/2014 to Marina

Almost everyone knows the danger that comes with driving under the influence (DUI). If you drive under the influence of alcohol you donít just get into the wrong side of the law, you also put your safety on the line. Now this basic rule is not just true on highways, even in boating it also pays to stay on the safe side by not mixing boating and drinking. Thereís no denying the fact that drinking is always a part of the boating culture, and this is acceptable provided that thereís an assigned boat operator that will not drink. But if everyone inside the boat drinks, then thatís where most problems happen.

Boating under the influence affects your balance

One of the immediate effects of alcohol is that it will allow you to lose your balance. And since the boat is constantly in motion and you are in a hot and humid environment, the alcoholic drinks compound the effects. Itís so easy to lose your balance when operating the boat, thus affecting the direction and movement of the boat.

Drinking can also impair your judgment

Drinking will also affect the way you think and make decisions. You are much Ďbolderí and confident if you have a few drinks of your favorite spirit, and this can work against you. You will take on bolder decisions that you will not normally take if you are alcohol-free. For example, you may just shrug off the recommended speed limits and pay less attention to the other boats coming from other directions.  A boat operator with an impaired judgment may also take turns too fast and will ignore the safety basics in navigation. Also, thereís a chance that the boating operator may not check out the charts or ignore the usual signs when passing other boats or even forget to turn on the lights. In short, an intoxicated boating operator will ignore basic safety procedures, thinking he can do things his way.

Boating and fishing are fun and great activities for the family that can stand on its own without alcohol. You can go for alternative drinks when you are boating like sodas, iced tea and non-alcoholic beer. If you want to include alcohol into your plans for the day, then you can set-up a party ashore or assign an operator who will not take part in the drinking sessions.

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