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Family Weekend Adventure Ideas in Chesapeake Bay

Posted by Schaefer's Canal House on 4/11/2015 to Restaurant
For many individuals, planning for a weekend family adventure can be a stressful experience due to cost and lack of attractive options and activities that can work for all members of the family. But when a target location like Chesapeake Bay, MD has been identified, it becomes a different planning experience. With dozens of family-based activities that can be tried in Chesapeake, MD from dining, boating and fishing, the challenge now comes in the form of choosing the best activity from a full list of highly entertaining things to do in the area. If you are planning to check out Chesapeake Bay but still can’t decide where to go and what to do, consider the following suggestions. 

Go swimming, fishing and boating with family members 

If you want to work the waters and go fishing instead of simply hitting the beach, Chesapeake Bay serves as an entertaining choice. The area is heaven for enthusiasts and those who want to go fishing, thanks to the presence of striped bass, large-mouth bass, bluefish, flounder and dozens more. 

The bay is also a popular area for soft crabbing through a number of approaches including the basic ‘scapping’. Considered a basic approach in crabbing, this technique in capturing crabs will not require the use of baits. Simply use a small boat, a dip net, and slowly wade through the waters to look for crabs in the area. This is the preferred way of looking for soft-shell and hard-shell crabs around the bay. By nature, crabs seek shallow water where they can molt and hide. And when it undergoes this procedure, the animal grows weak, thus easy to catch in shallow waters. There are other popular approaches on how to undertake crabbing in Chesapeake like crab scrape and mud larking, but scapping is the most basic and fun which can work for first-timers and younger members of the family. 

Chesapeake is also a great spot for beach-based activities. Depending on the preferences of your family members, you can pack your fishing gear to try your luck in the waters, enjoy water-based activities like kayaking, canoeing and swimming. There are abundant water-based activities to try out in Chesapeake Bay, making this as an alternative family destination for the weekend. 

Don’t forget to sample the food in Chesapeake Bay 

A visit to the bay is not complete without sampling the food available in the area. Before you hit the bay for a family boating experience, drop by at some of the popular marinas and restaurants in the area that offers the bounty of the bay. Restaurants like Schaefers Canal House in Chesapeake City are designed as one-stop shops in the bay, serving as a marina, restaurant and shop in one making these recommended side trips for families on a weekend trip. There are numerous reasons why Chesapeake is considered historic and a recommended weekend playground for all guests of all ages, and all these can be experienced by your family once you complete your plans to visit the area.
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