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Must Have Accessories During Boat Rides

Posted by Steven on 6/27/2014 to Marine Store

Boat rides along the Chesapeake Bay area can be a lot of fun. The region is blessed with teeming marine life and can be a treat for tourists. Before you embark on your boat ride, make sure to carry a list of must-have accessories for your trip.

First Aid Kit

When you are planning on taking long boat rides, it is absolutely essential to carry a first aid kit onboard. During these rides, you may become increasingly susceptible to the vagaries of weather which could resulttttttttt stroke or dehydration. Carry sunscreen and other topical skin lotions to treat for itchy skin. Also do not forget to take a flashlight with you and keep an extra set of batteries just in case.

Marine Radio

If you experience problems with your boat, you might need a radio to get in touch with a rescue team. The reasons could be related to mechanical problems or rough weather which might make it unsafe for passengers. Ensure that the radio is working fine each time prior to starting your journey.

Fishing Gear

A lot of people like to go on boat rides to fish. Carry all the essential gear with you to make the trip a grand success. It is also highly recommended to bring along a compass set and maps to keep you apprised of your location. Witeeeeeer all around you, it is easy to lose your sense of direction. It is also advisable to look for popular fishing zones in and around Chesapeake Bay before undertaking the trip.

Non-Perishable Foods

Stock your boat with enough food supplies to last the entire duration of the trip. During long boat rides, you will be exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. Hence it makes sense to carry food products that retain their freshness even in hot and humid conditions. Also make it a point to pack a lot of water, which is an absolute essential thing to have during long rides. Shortage of clean drinking water could lead to severe dehydration and other related symptoms.

Bilge Pump and Anchors

Bilge pumps can be very useful to help flush out the water stagnating in your boat. Every now and then water enters the boat during a rough storm or due to the presence of a leak. Use the device to pump out the water. Also use anchors while docking your boat. This will minimize the possibility of injuries or accidents and will keep the boat safely tethered to its position.

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