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The Perfect Day

Posted by Steven on 4/20/2014 to Marina

With the weather becoming dependably warmer, the sun shines a little brighter and thoughts turn to life on the ocean with family and friends.  The boating life has many rewards in the ambiance and style it brings to those who savor it.  


This is The Life

When thoughts turn to ocean-filled days of fun and adventure, they usually include great times with friends while fishing, sunning, jetting up and down the intracoastal waterway or just sailing along the sea at a decent clip, pace delivered by a steady wind.  Time seems to stand still: there’s nothing but you, your boat, the water, and the sun upon the ocean, its effects made less permeating by constant gentle breezes.  Occasional pelicans, sea gulls and other nautical treasures of the air fly by, in search of any morsels coming off of your vessel while the world beneath your craft is replete with countless life forms in all shapes, colors and sizes.  In the distance, sperm whales emerge and submerge with a rhythm all their own as dolphins do their best imitations of flying high above the water world in which they actually live and abide.


Time to Replenish

When the day has delivered its best, thoughts tend to turn to sustenance, and when sustenance is on the mind, there’s no more apt destination for oceanic travelers in the Chesapeake City Maryland area than Schaefer’s Restaurant and Canal Bar.


The Schaefer’s Experience

You can dock your boat right there, and journey up onto the deck, where you’ll find great entertainment and the best cooking anywhere along the coast.  Sit down to a table to begin your feast.  Perhaps you’ll begin the delightful experience with a frozen-to-perfection Pina Colada, and for starters munch on a Seafood Mango Avocado Stack and Middleneck Clams, to keep you busy and happy until the fabulously delicious Maryland Clam Chowder arrives.  Next course: a signature salad of fresh berries and greens, laced with honey-raspberry dressing.  


The Main Course

You order your favorite Pinot Grigio just before the main course arrives.  While others in tow order favorites like Schaefer’s savory Crab Cakes and Parmesan-Encrusted Mahi Mahi, you are inclined to variety, so you order the Broiled Combination Seafood Platter that comes with drawn butter and any additional sauces you prefer.


Cap it Off, Captain

Wrap up the dining experience with a Schaefer’s Coffee and good conversation as you listen to the marvelous tunes of Jamaican music, emanating from the stage area.  The conclusion of a perfectly streamlined day will now promise a perfect night’s slumber that cannot be surpassed. This is the Schaefer’s Experience.

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