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Emergency Preparedness on Your Boat

Posted by Steven on 2/14/2014 to Marina
Most days out on the water are uneventful. You head out in your boat, maybe catch a few fish if you're lucky and enjoy some cold drinks and good conversation with friends. Or you go alone and enjoy the peace and quiet while you catch fish and take in nature.
However, the unexpected can happen. You can have an emergency while you are on your boat that could put your safety in jeopardy. Your boat could run out of gas. You could hit something and spring a leak. You could be injured in a storm or by an animal. It is important to prepare for these eventualities to keep yourself as safe as possible.

3 Things You Need on a Winter Fishing Outing

Posted by Steven on 2/13/2014
Winter fishing can give you a unique fishing experience and access to some kinds of fish you might not be able to enjoy at other times of the year. However, you'll need special gear for winter fishing, depending on where you live and what kind of fishing you want to do, such as ice fishing.

Planning a Day on the Water

Posted by steven on 2/11/2014 to Marina
In these colder winter months, it's hard to resist turning our thoughts to warmer future days. Indeed, this can be a perfect time to plan your summer getaways, when the desire to escape the cold opens up your imagination. For those with boats, any sign of sunny weather is a good excuse to get out on the water. For others, it's not a matter of leisure time, but of dedicated sailing, and sports like fishing and crabbing. No matter your intentions on the open water, itís always smart to find a solid base of operations that can suit any need, whether it's about serious boating, or fun floating.

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