Welcome to Schaefer's Marina!

We take pride in being your top choice when transiting through the C&D Canal and inter-coastal waterway. Our crew is here to assist you during your stay with us and we will do our best to deliver top notch quality & service. We are located on ActiveCaptain for boaters looking to get updates on fuel prices and other events going on at our marina. ~ Tom Connell, Dock Master ~ Steven Connell, Marina Manager

Marina Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation (Hours can change without notice)

In Season (April 1st - November 30th) 
Sunday to Thursday 9am-8pm 
Friday & Saturday 9am-9pm 

Off Season (December 1st - March 31st)
Sunday to Saturday 9am-5pm

Weather & Tide Information for Schaefer's Marina

Click on the button below to see what our current tides and weather is doing in order to plan a safe trip when you plan to visit us! Be sure to hail us on VHF 16/68 when you are approaching approximately 1/2 mile out either west or east of us so that we can be in communication with you about your slip assignment.

Overnight Dockage Rates

In Season
Weekday $2.00/foot
Weekend $2.50/foot

Off Season
Weekday $1.00/foot
Weekend $1.50/foot

Electric & Water Rates:
30 amp $9.00/plug
50 amp $19.00/plug 
Water $10
Pump Out Coming Soon!

Docking Reservations

Book your overnight docking reservation with our marina office 

Phone-410-885-7200 Ext 2. 
***Dock reservations are separate from restaurant reservations*** 
Snag-A-Slip Guests- Click on the button below.

Nautical Chart of the C&D Canal #12277
Nautical Chart for C&D Canal

For the convenience to our guests who are docking with us overnight we have nautical chart #12277 of the Elk River and C&D Canal from Chesapeake City to Reedy Point in Delaware. 

Currents & Tides
At Schaefer's we have a flood tide (West to East) and Ebb Tide (East to West) both lasting approximately 6 hours. On the flood the tide is rising and on an Ebb the tide is falling. From high slack water to low slack water is 3.5 feet on average, depending on weather conditions and time of the season. 

Location Coordinates
Schaefer's Marina is located approximately 3.5 miles from the West end of the C&D Canal. 
40° 33' 26.2836'' N
78° 5' 52.0584'' W

Things to consider or have available when visiting our facility
1. VHF Handheld Radio- To communicate with deckhands for when and how they want you to approach or be alerted for other reasons. 
2. Boat Lines- Have lines that are anywhere from 25-40 feet in length and carry a bow line, two spring lines, and a stern line. 
3. Boat Hook
4. Deck Plate Key
5. Fenders- We like you to have the fenders with the circle openings on either end and a seperate small line attached to each hole so that we can lay the 
fender horizontal to the piling and attached to your boat cleats or rails.

of the Elk River & C&D Canal in Chesapeake City, Maryland
Layout of the Marina

We also have a top view schematic of our facility with the different areas that we refer to when communicating to you on VHF 16/68.

Docking & Approach Recommendations
We are very fortunate to have the ability to accommodate deep draft vessels at our facility. There has been tug boats, cruise ships, military watercraft, dredging units, response vessels, and mega yachts all docked at Schaefer's Marina throughout the years. In general we aim to land the 40+ foot vessels from the bridge going east on the bulkhead along with west of the fuel dock Vessels 30 foot and below, looking to come visit for lunch or pick up take out and depart within the day, we try to direct to the floating dock on the inside transit pier. Be aware that we always strongly suggest to navigate against the current when approaching the dock and have a bow line, and for larger boats a forward spring line, ready to hand off to our crew on the dock. We then will get a stern line, and for the larger boats an aft spring line, ready in order to fully secure the vessel. When staying overnight we will adjust your lines at low tide, taking in all of your slack in, which will allow your boat to ride parellel to the pier. 

Our facility layout
We have approximately 400+ feet from the bridge east to the end of the front bulkhead. There is approximately 450 feet on both sides of the main pier and 250 feet of float dock on the inside transit pier, and finally 250 feet on both sides of the fixed dock portion of the transit pier. 

Fuel Dock (Red Pilings 50-75 feet from the bridge going west)
Our fuel dock is for fueling ONLY will remain free from vessels mooring there without the dockmaster's permission. The fuel dock area represents from the bridge going west ending at 100 feet past the red pilings. The floating dock on the inside attached to the fuel dock is to remain clear from boats docking there for extended periods of time.